Greencore Group

February 10, 2009 posted by Lucas Communications

The Greencore group produce over 100 million ready prepared meals for the U.K market. All cooking and chilling systems are network based and with such high volume production reliability is paramount at all times.

Chris Jolley (Group IT Manager) quoted “After a pipe fitting contractor unknowingly cut through a shielded Cat5e cable the cooking process reported an error code that would not allow the pasta sauce tank to enter the cleaning cycle, until communications to the network had been restored the whole system had stopped. This could have potentially caused major problems if Lucas Communications had not reacted immediately. One of their engineers arrived on site within two hours of our phone call, equipped with a Fluke DTX cable analyser. 20 minutes later the point at which the cable had been cut was identified and a effective repair carried out. In my opinion this was an outstanding response to the problem as all this took place at 2.30am Saturday morning.”

“I would recommend Lucas to any company that demands the highest of standards. All the engineers are dedicated professionals that understand the importance of the strict hygiene and husbandry routines enforced at each of the U.K sites”