Fibre Optic Infrastructure – Bury Grammar School

June 17, 2011 posted by Lucas Communications

Bury Grammar school occupies a large campus and required the installation of a fibre optic infrastructure to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) data traffic between communications cabinets. After a detailed network analysis monitoring data traffic the following solution was installed.

The installation of 8 core OM3 multi-mode fibre optic from the main server room to all the secondary communication cabinets around the campus. The network topology has been installed as in a star formation; this means that each communications cabinet is fed by its own back bone reducing any potential bottle necks. The fibre optic cable is duct grade corrugated steel tape that provides a high degree of mechanical protection including the prevention of rodent damage. The campus has had additional fibre optic cables installed in key areas to provide a degree of network resilience, this will protect the networks integrity in the event of a cable being cut or damaged.

All fibre-optic cores were terminated on site using a Fitel fusion splicer and factory polished ST/SC or LC pigtails. On completion of the terminations each core was fully tested using a Noyes OTDR with typical splice losses of less than 0.1dBs, the accepted industry standard for a join or splice is 0.5dBs.